Wednesday, September 29, 2010

California gubernatorial candidate Queen Meg Whitman mistreated a Hispanic serf

By MICHAEL FALCONE Sept. 29, 2010
Queen Meg Whitman

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman today found herself battling allegations that she knowingly employed an undocumented immigrant housekeeper and failed to pay a portion of her wages. Queen Meg then fired  then fired the worker when she became politically inconvenient in an act of political damage control.

At a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday organized by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, Whitman's former housekeeper and nanny, Nicky Diaz, tearfully recounted how in June 2009 she was suddenly terminated by Whitman and her husband, Griffith Harsh. this was after she she asked the couple for legal help to obtain U.S. citizenship.

Allred also alleged that Whitman became aware of Diaz's undocumented status years earlier, but took no action.

Diaz told reporters that just a few months before Whitman announced she was running for governor as a Republican, the former eBay CEO fired her after nine years spent cleaning the couple's 3,700-square-foot home in an upscale Northern California suburb. Diaz also drove their children to and from school and appointments.

From now on you don't know me and I don't know you," Diaz said Whitman told her in the summer of 2009. "I was shocked and hurt that Ms. Whitman would treat me this way after nine years. I realized at that moment that she didn't appreciate my work. I felt like she was throwing me away like a piece of garbage.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Whitman said, "Nicky had falsified the hiring documents and personal information she provided to the employment agency that brought her to us in 2000." The statement continued, "Nicky told me that she was admitting her deception now because she was aware that her lie might come out during the campaign."

Could this be a Democratic Dirty Trick (DDT) on Whitman? Rightardia sure hopes so. Billionaires are fair game. It looks like the Democrats have released the hounds. 

Perhaps this is why Rahm Emmanuel is leaving the White House. 

TMZ update: 

Meg Whitman's rival Jerry Brown is wasting no time making on  Whtiman's undocumented worker scandal -- saying the former maid has a "compelling story."

The Democratic candidate for governor of California said he wants Nicky Diaz Santillan to be "treated with respect and dignity as this story unfolds."

Brown added:

After more than a year of Whitman demanding immigration policy that 'holds employers accountable,' we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her own actions.

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