Monday, August 30, 2010

St. Petersburg Times: Republicans spent $70 billion in GOP gubernatorial primary

How much do you have to spend to become the governor of Florida. The St. Petersburg times predicts Scot may spend $100 million in his quest to become the next governor of Florida. He has already spent $50 million in the primary.

Rick Scott and football broadcasting legend Pat Summerall worked the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium, shaking hundreds of hands and mugging for photos for more than an hour before the game.

But it was Scott — not the famed sportscaster — who was instantly recognized by throngs of fans.

Florida voters can expect to see Slick Rick a lot more on their TV sets between now and Nov. 2.

Scott already ran so many 30-second commercials that it could take almost 25 days to watch all of them if one station showed each spot back to back, according to data from media buyers and the Campaign Media Analysis Group.

The Naples millionaire, who spent $50 million-plus to be the most marketed candidate ever in a primary, could double down by the end of the race and drop a record total of $100 million with the help of Republican donors.

Scott faces Democrat Alex Sink, the state's chief financial officer, and independent Bud Chiles — both of whom have far less money and much less name recognition. Sink, who spent less than $3 million in a battle against a little-known opponent, is familiar with campaigns against well-known, well-funded Republicans.

Her husband, Bill McBride, was crushed in Gov. Jeb Bush's 2002 re-election.

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