Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is the GOP finally coming out-of-the-closet?

Rightardia expects other GOP gays and lesbians to come forward, but the Republicans don't want to offend the Evangelicals and their Biblical views on human sexuality.

You will never see anything in the GOP platform that will support the civil rights of the LGBT community.

Acordingly to Glen Beck his weekend revival-style rally at the Lincoln Memorial was meant to reclaim the U.S. civil rights movement "from politics," arguing that the (civil rights) movement was about "people of faith."

Beck told Fox News that the essence of the movement was about "people of faith who believe you have an equal right to justice."

This a very vague statement.  Certianly MLK was a minister and the civil rights movement initially had religious elements.

But civil rights are based on the US Constitution, not the Bible. They are also based upon landmark civil rights legislation such as that which occurred during the LBJ administration.

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