Saturday, August 28, 2010

HYSTERICAL RAISINS: Alex Sink needs to exploit GOP primary death match

From The Miami Herald:
Two days after he lost the Republican nomination for governor, Bill  McCollum still refuses to support winner Rick Scott. McCollum continues to raise questions about his former rival’s character.

In his first public appearance since conceding the race, McCollum said Thursday that he called Scott to “congratulate him and wish him well.” But he didn’t bury the hatchet in one of the nastiest primary’s in state history. Rightardia described the primary battle as a death match.

The Republlican establishment came out hard for McCollum because it knew he would be stronger candidate in the general election. NewsMax and Jeb Bush endorsed Mccollum and it appeared he had a nine point lead in the last poll prior to the primary.

Scott's "let's get to work" rhetoric worked with unemployed Republicans.

Scoot has been blaming the economic downturn on Obama, but the GOP has controlled the governor's office and the statehouse for the last 12 years. Clearly the lion's share of the blame for the sour Florida economy has to do with Republican Party and its reactionary tax and economic policies.

Scott will not win if he attacks Obama in the general election. He will be forced to address real issues in Florida. Scott's deep pockets resulted from his force out from (Columbia) HCA after the federal government fined it $1.7 billion for Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Scott walked away form HCA with $330 million Golden Parachute.

McCollum supporters referred to Scott as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Medicare fraud case. Scott founded another company and was promptly sued. He took the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a video deposition.

Oligarch Scott has deep pockets and he will spend what he thinks he needs to win.

The GOP is divided after the primary and Alex Sink, the Democratic challenger needs to exploit these division with a "Republicans for Sink" sub-campaign. She should continue to attack Scott as an unindicted co-conspirator and demand he release the video deposition.

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