Friday, July 30, 2010

Rep. Alan Grayson: How Much Does a Congressman Cost?

You probably heard that a Republican tool in Washington, DC offered $100 last week for someone to punch me in the nose. But you may not have noticed to whom Dan Gainor extended that kind offer. Here is what he said:

"I'll give $100 to first Rep. who punches smary [sic] idiot Alan Grayson in the nose."

"Rep." means Representative, or Congressman. Gainor wanted to motivate a Congressman to hit me. And he thought that offering $100 was the way to do it.

We can't offer you a chance to punch Alan Grayson in the nose, but we can offer you a chance to support our campaign.

Now Gainor is not just any crank. He is the Director of the Business and Media Institute, a Big Business-funded Republican lie-tank in Washington, D.C. He meets with Republican Members of Congress all the time.

And he seems to have an uncanny understanding of what motivates them. Dan Gainor thinks that if you give a Republican elected official money, and he'll do anything you want. Even punch someone in the nose.

The amazing thing is not that Republican Members of Congress are for sale. The amazing thing is that you can buy one for $100, at least according to Dan Gainor. And he ought to know.

For modest amounts of money, people like Dan Gainor think that they can buy a tax break. Or a lucrative government contract. Or exemption from regulations. Or a bailout.

This is why the House Financial Services Committee passed the Shareholder Protection Act yesterday, based on legislation that I introduced months ago - to end the buying and selling of elected officials after the Citizens United decision.

Now we have had almost 50,000 people contribute to our reelection campaign. And here's the thing. None of you has ever asked for a tax break, or a government contract, or a regulatory exemption, or a bailout. In fact, all you've asked us for is good government.

Dan Gainor probably thinks that that makes you a sucker.

I see it differently. I think it makes you an American that I'm proud of.

No punches in the nose for sale here. But if you'd like to make a contribution to government of the people, by the people, and for the people, then click here.

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