Friday, July 30, 2010

Couple get joint custody of dog


Added On July 30, 2010

A judge in Maryland orders a divorcing couple to share custody of their dog. CNN's Carol Costello reports. 

Rightrdia has discussed 'dog people' before. Most are conservative and these couples do not want children. Rush Limbaugh is an example of a 'dog person.'

In Maryland, a dog is considered property but the judge gave this divorcing couple 'joint custody' of the animal.

In the 1950s many women, who bore children, looked down on other women who worked and were childless. Of course, at that time the tax table for top earning Americans was 90 per cent.

The GOP using class warfare arguments has brought the tax tables for top earning Americans down to the low thirties.

The fracturing of the middle class started during the Reagan presidency and has forced both spouses into the job market to make ends meet.

Some women have preferred to be 'dog mothers' rather than super moms who both raised children and worked.

The 'dog mother's is a consequence of Republican family values and reactionary GOP tax policy.

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