Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arizona governor asks legislature for $100 billion to fund the Brewer Wall.

The Brewer Wall is to be heavily guarded police wall that will stretch from Somerton to Douglas, AZ. It will separate Anglo-America from Hispano-Mexico.
The Brewer Curtain will be the most visible symbol of American fascism against Latinos and Hispanics The wall was built by the government of Arizona in order to stop the tide of emigration to Anglo-Arizona.

Because of dissatisfaction with the economic and political conditions in Mexico (drug war violence, wages and supply gaps), an increasing number of people left Hispano-Mexico.

Millions of Mexicans now work in the US as share croppers, gardeners and fast food employees. Few have trouble finding work from US corporations and small business people.

Armed neo-Nazi guards will patrol the northern side of the wall.

In 2010, Pinal County Sheriffs Deputy Louis Puroll was shot by what he called “suspected drug smugglers” in an isolated area of south-central Arizona. Deputy Purol said he had stopped a car he suspected of having illegal drugs on Highway 8 and was shot with an AK-47 type weapon.
What he didn’t say was he illegally stopped a car of undocumented workers he had racially profiled merely because they were listening to a Linda Ronstadt CD and had brown skin.

The symbolism of the wall as a representative of the divide between Hispano- and Anglo-values was not lost on Arizona governor, Jan Brewer. President Obama has already prepared a speech urging the fascist Arizona governor to "tear down this wall between the two Americas.!"


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