Saturday, June 26, 2010

POLITICO 44: Sarah Palin puckers up for the corporate anus

By ANDY BARR | 6/26/10 12:18 PM EDT

Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin on Friday encouraged her supporters to read an article comparing the BP escrow fund to Nazism.

“This is about the rule of law vs. an unconstitutional power grab,” Palin tweeted, urging her followers to “Read Thomas Sowell’s article.”

The article Palin points to was published on Monday and alikens President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler, saying the U.S. president is stripping away the freedom of his citizens without mass protest.

When Adolf Hitler was building up the Nazi movement in the 1920s, leading up to his taking power in the 1930s, he deliberately sought to activate people who did not normally pay much attention to politics, Sowell wrote.
In our times, American democracy is being dismantled piece by piece, before our very eyes by the current administration in Washington, and few people seem to be concerned about it.
Sowell then wrote that Obama is exceeding his legal authority by creating the $20 billion fund, designed to pay claims for damages resulting from the ongoing oil spill off the Gulf Coast.

Just where in the Constitution of the United States does it say that a president has the authority to extract vast sums of money from a private enterprise and distribute it as he sees fit to whomever he deems worthy of compensation? Nowhere, the conservative columnist wrote.

And yet that is precisely what is happening with a $20 billion fund to be provided by BP to compensate people harmed by their oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sowell also compares the American public under Obama to the “useful idiots” who followed Lenin's creation of the Soviet Union.

The Democratic National Committee seized on the remarks, blasting a story highlighting Palin’s tweet. Liberal groups also expressed outrage over Palin’s endorsement of the story.

Here we go again. The Republicans can't decide if Obama is a fascist like themselves or a communist. The $20 billion escrow is essential because BP can go bankrupt and the US government will be left holding the bad for the oil spill. Where is it in the US Constitution that  Obama proscribed from setting up an escrow? If Republicans are claiming Democrats are doing something unconstitutional or illegal, they should be able to site the specific law that is being violated.

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