Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bad Republican Apples

The first one is Rick Scott,  who is running in the Florida GOP primary for governor.

A clearly frustrated and angry Rick Scott lashed out at a Republican activist who called him an "unindicted co-conspirator" and asked him to explain the $1.7 billion health care fraud at his former hospital chain during a Q&A session at a GOP breakfast in Tampa.

It was a question Scott often gets on the campaign trail. But this woman set him off.
WOMAN: “In one of your opening comments you said that you wanted to fix Medicaid/Medicare on the state level. Is that kinda ironic when we have the whole Columbia/HCA health care situation that you really haven’t explained quite well? My understanding was that you were an unindicted co-conspirator and that that $1.7 billion payback that your company had to do to the government?

“Could you explain how you want to fix it when you were a part of the problem?"
SCOTT: "Sure. Well first of all I was never even questioned, and I was never charged, so…”

WOMAN: [Interrupting] “That’s what an unindicted co-conspirator is.”

Need Rightardia say more?  The sad part of this story is that slack-jawed Florida Republicans will probably nominate this man for governor in the next Florida primary. 

Then there is Adrian Calvo, the Clearwater slum lord and radio host. Where does the GOP get these people? 
While campaigning for the state House of Representatives, property owner and radio host Fabian Calvo has touted his skill in running a $20 million real estate company that spans the state. Says Calvo:
I am a successful small-businessman who believes state government should be run like a business . . . This is the type of leadership that is needed in Tallahassee, leadership from the small business world, people that have created jobs, paid payrolls, balanced budgets."

Renters and former property managers of Calvo say that's precisely his problem. He's a slumlord, they say, alleging he fails to pay his debts and lets property degrade into disrepair. Two ex-employees are taking him to court.

Calvo, whose company Calvo Management International owns 500 apartments and houses nearly 1,000 tenants across six counties, said the criticism is a baseless attempt at slander or blackmail.

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