Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Democrats aren't perfect, but what is the alternative?

The Republicans really have not offered any alternatives and made the mistake of running against the president in the primary rather than address real issues that are affecting the US.

In many conservative campaigns we are hearing that Obama has went to far in health care, but the new health care program is more like a patient bill of rights than a radical program. Americans no longer need to fear losing their insurance because of pre-existing conditions of lifetime benefit caps.  A family can now provide a health care umbrella to their children until age 26.

What would a Republican Congress really provide? Gridlock, of course, something the GOP has been doing whenever they can get away with it in the Senate. A Republican congress would not crack down on Wall Street and and would leave corporate loopholes in laws whenever they can. They would also try to cut taxes for the most fortunate Americans.

The present economic mess the US is in was created by the Republican Party. Bush's job creation record for eight years was abysmal. Why? Because Republicans have always been more focused on worker productivity than job creation since worker productivity increases profits. Cracking the whip saves corporations money because they don't have to hire new workers.

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