Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dancing with the Stars outcome seem clear

Who will win: Nicole Scherzinger or Evan Lysacek? It is too close to call.

Nicole may have an advanatage because her partner, Derek Hough (pronounced Huff), is the premier choreographer in the finals. Rightardia doubts if Anna T. can choreograph the final dances well enough to win.

If Evan loses, he would be the first Gold Medal Olympian to lose in the finals. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke should be eliminated tonight. Cheryl is also one of the best choreographers and dancers on the show, but she was dancing in front of Chad last night, a real 'no-no' this late in the competition.

We would expect Erin Andrews and Maksim to take the walk after Chad and Cheyrl are eliminated.

What would prevent Nicole and Derek from winning? Rightardia expected Derek and his partner to take the mirror ball last year, but Derek went off the deep end with one of his dances and got eliminated.

Derek is so good that he sometimes 'hotdogs" and goes over the top with his choreography and gets judge Len upset, a crucial mistake in the finals.

If Nicole loses, Derek will likely be responsible.

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