Monday, April 19, 2010

Limbaugh dishonors the people who died in the Oklahoma city bombings

Rush Limbaugh blames the Oklahoma City bombing on the Branch Davidian conflict in Waco. This is typical simplistic Limbaugh bombast.

Alhtough timothy McVay blew up the federal building on the anniversary of the Branch Davidian fire, he believed the attack would spur a right wing counter-revolution in the US as described in the neo-fascist Truner Diaries. McVay became disenchanted with the US Army when he was passed over for Special Operation training. 

David Koresh was a pedophile and was only person in the sect allowed to have sex. In March 1986, Koresh first slept with Karen Doyle, aged 14. He claimed her as his second wife. In August 1986, Koresh began secretly sleeping with Michele Jones, his wife's younger 12-year-old sister.

In September 1986 Koresh began to preach that he was entitled to 140 wives, 60 women as his "queens" and 80 as concubines, which he based upon his interpretation of the Biblical Song of Solomon.
< Koresh then built up an entirely new theology around his "marriage" to Doyle. This theology was called the "New Light", with a doctrine of polygamy for himself, which he called "The House of David".

According to this doctrine, Doyle was supposed to have a daughter named Shoshanna who would then be married to Koresh's firstborn son Cyrus.

However, Doyle failed to conceive, so Koresh then transferred his attention to his wife's sister.

Former Davidian David Bunds said that Koresh's doctrine of polygamy "rose out of his deep desire to have sex with young girls. Once he was able to convince himself that it was God's will then he was able to be free of guilt and have sex with as many young girls as he could get his hands on."
The fire that burned down the Branch Davidian compound may have been set by Koresh's followers. Many right wingers believe the government started the fire.

source: Wikipedia

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