Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iranian nuclear disarmament depends on Israel

Frank Gaffney is a hard right ideologue that holds views similar to the former UN ambassodor John Bolton and Vice President Dick Cheney. Grover Norqueist said this in a letter about Gaffney accusing Gaffney of:

"racial prejudice, religious bigotry [and] ethnic hatred," calling Gaffney a "sick, little bigot.... His whole life screams of bigotry, and what he said is just part of a pattern.... Frank Gaffney and Osama bin Laden share the same view on the relationship between the United States and Islam. I agree with the president in rejecting Osama bin Laden's and Frank Gaffney's worldview." 

Norquest was right. Here are some other Gaffney quotes: 

“There is mounting evidence that the president not only identifies with Muslims, but actually may still be one himself.”

The evidence? “Mr. Obama referred four times in his speech to ‘the Holy Koran,’” he “established his firsthand knowledge of Islam,” and he uttered the phrase “peace be upon them” when referring to Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed.

According to Gaffney, “no believing Christian” would ever make such a statement because “for Christians, Jesus is the living and immortal Son of God.”

Here is another Gaffney quote on the iraq War: 

My position is [that] it is regrettable that any Americans died. It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die. The threat we did know about was the chemical capability that Saddam Hussein had used against his own people. 

The potential for biological agents were real there was evidence that there was an ongoing nuclear program... The danger was inaction could have resulted in the death[s] of a great many more Americans than 4,000 and that's the reason I'm still delighted that we did what we did."

The US has little ability to stop Iraq from developing nuclear weapons without another $ trillion war to invade Iran. Iran is developing a nuclear capability to counter the 200 tactical nuclear weapons Israel has in it arsenal. 

Without negotiations with Israel on nuclear disarmament, it is unlikely the US will make progress with Iraq.  Of course, Israel dropped out of the 47-nation conference on non-proliferation in DC on April 12 at the last minute.

An Iranian-hosted international disarmament conference concluded Sunday with a demand that Israel join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to assure a nuclear weapons-free Middle East.

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