Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marco Rubio and the Miami Way

This video does a good run down of some the concerns the news media has about Marco Rubio. The first report Rightrdia heard was a $133 'hair cut' that Marco Rubio charged to a Republican Party credit card.

The hair cut turned out to be a Brazilain hot wax of Rubio's back. This press release about Rubio came out of the Charlie Crist campaign:

Join our campaign and stand up against typical big-spending politicians like former Speaker Marco Rubio by donating $1.33, $13.30, or $133 to our campaign today. We continue to learn that Speaker Rubio doesn't practice what he preaches: Speaker Marco Rubio spent thousands with GOP credit card . As reported by the Miami Herald, “[a]mong the charges former House Speaker Marco Rubio put on his Republican Party of Florida credit card: a $133.75 trip to an upscale barber shop in downtown Miami.”

How can voters trust Speaker Rubio to rein in federal spending when he can’t even rein in his own spending? Join us today by contributing $1.33, $13.30, or $133 to our campaign .

Help us provide voters with Gov. Crist's vision for our nation and state as the only proven fiscal conservative in this race. Unlike Speaker Rubio, we will spend any funds wisely!

Next is the latest Crist ad that links Rubio to Ray Sansom, a former Florida House Speaker who has been indicted for conflicts of interest when appropriating state funds. Rubio was Sansom's budget chief and has been subpoenaed to testify against his former boss.

Does Rubio have the right stuff to be a Florida senator? Rightardia would hope either Democrat Kendric Meeks or independent Charlie Crist would win the race. Either man would be preferable to a hard right ideologue.

In Florida, there is the expression "the Miami Way." This refers  to extra-legal methods that are used in the Latin part of Miami to bypass labor laws and government regulations. Does Rubio subscribe to the Miami Way?

When it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck . . .

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