Monday, April 19, 2010

Does Immigration Reform Make Economic Sense?- 04/19/10

Submitted by Jesse Russell on April 18, 2010 - 6:44pm

As momentum builds for Congress to do something comprehensive about immigration reform, supporters of the reform say it makes economic sense for America.

The Carnegie Foundation and the Fiscal Policy Institute produced a study that assessed immigrant economic impact in the 25 largest U.S. metro economies. It found that instead of hurting the economy, immigrants contribute to the economy in the same proportion as their numbers in the population. Hector Figeuroa is Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU 32BJ in New York City.

Figueroa: “What we are finding with this study and a lot of other studies out there who look at the impact if immigrants in the economy is that immigrants are not part of the problem. They’re really part of the solution.”

The report finds that areas with the highest levels of immigration growth also have experienced among the highest economic growth. Figueroa says while employers do exploit undocumented workers to drive wages down, the answer to that is unionization and giving equal labor law protections to all immigrants.

Figueroa: “What we’re saying is that the problem will never go away until we change the laws and it allows millions of people -who are contributing to our economy like this reports suggest - to be able to do that with the same rights as everybody else.”

source: Workers Independent News

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Brittanicus said...

Arizona Taxpayers have past suspected where their hard-earned dollars were going? So the voters of Arizona had enough of their wages being appropriated to support the illegal alien occupancy and now changed the law. Being the first state just across the open border countless numbers of impoverished people have slipped past our thin undermanned line of Border patrol agents. In the last twenty years millions of circumvented our laws, to become a financial burden on every state in the union. This situation is not getting any better, but far worse as Democratic-Liberal influenced legislators have been offering even more welfare programs on a state level. Our government has failed to build the double border fence and Senators like Harry Reid, majority house speaker Pelosi have tried to sacrifice enforcement tools as E-Verify and 287 G police questioning program in different counties. The Biometric card is just a distraction push, to starve the E-Verify application of public and business attention? Napolitano has cut budgets for the border patrol, ICE and other sections of the SAVE ACT. As for Sen. John McCain? How expeditiously he has changed his mind about the invasion. First he was all for AMNESTY. Now he's pushing for another anti-illegal immigrant plan. We just can't trust any of them? BUT McCAIN IS CORRECT ON ONE POINT, WE NEED TO MILITARIZE THE BORDER--ARMED AND READY.

The list is long of Pro-illegal immigrant politicians and does not contain just Democratic-with Liberal thinking, but Republicans as well. What America need is--TRUE--moderate conservatism and neither parties are doing what's best for the American people. We already have the 1986 immigration laws on the books and doesn't need being rescinded. If it had been enforced in the first place, we wouldn't have this increasing population of illegal immigrants. We do and should allow highly skilled workers who we don't have to support, but we don't need just anybody who can sneak across our open border. As the border remains wide-open in many places criminals are also appearing in increasing numbers, as well as foreign insurgents, who are being assisted by drug cartels and gang members. The police who are in short supply along the border region, believe that this that drug dealers were responsible for the death of Robert Kurtz on his cattle ranch.

All those politicians implicated in keeping the border unsealed or involved in the pro-amnesty movement must be ejected during primaries or any upcoming election. Learn more about AMNESTY, overpopulation growth, your money paying to support foreign nationals at NumbersUSA. Tell your government, we don't need another financially devastating amnesty at 202-224-3121 Remember taxpayers money spent on illegal immigrants annually, would pay for our foreign wars.

Unknown said...

I disagree. since Obama became president more than 1000 illegals arebeing deported every day. This is double of what the Bush admin was able to do. The Democrats have also slowed H1B Visas and still need to change tax law to discourage the off shoring of jobs. I have seen one older proposal that would cut 180 border guards that would be replaced with a virtual fence. I really don't think the US wants a reinforced forced border reminiscent of the old Soviet Union.

The Legal Arizona Workers Act requires all Arizona employers to use E-verify with all newly hired employees, effective January 1, 2008. As
of December 2008, 5.6 percent of Arizona businesses had signed up with E-verify. according to Wikipedia. I think the federal government has
more pressing priorities than immigration such as jobs and financial reform. The filibuster stonewalling by Republicans in the Senate has
slowed legislation down.

Certainly employers have more control over the employment of illegals than the feds. Many laws are unenforceable because police departments are simply overburdened with more pressing crimes.