Friday, November 27, 2009

Republican Historical Revisionist Lie Number 1

Republicans have tried to portray their fascists brothers and sisters in Nazi Germany as godless socialists. Let's start with the godless part first.

Evidence of the alleged pro-Nazi sympathies of wartime pope, Pius XII is in the church's official annals,

For many scholars, though, he is at worst the Devil incarnate, "Hitler's Pope", and at best a coward who refused to speak out against the extermination of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals in gas chambers, even when he had compelling evidence that it was happening, lest his words attract Nazi aggression.

The Vatican's response to all such accusations is to issue a blanket denial, insisting that it was neutral throughout the conflict.

In the late 1990s, the Vatican allowed the British writer, John Cornwell, limited access to its papers about Pius XII. A cradle Catholic, ex-seminarian and the author of a book which conclusively refuted allegations that Pope John Paul I had been murdered, the church believed Cornwell could be trusted.

When Cornwell's book, Hitler's Pope, was published in 1999, it alleged that Pius was seemingly prepared to put up with any Nazi atrocity because he saw Hitler as a bulwark against the advance across Europe of godless communism from Russia. To paraphrase more recent politicians, the deaths of 6 million Jews was a price worth paying to protect the Catholic church.

Do you want more proof that the Nazis were fuelled by religion? This is the symbol they painted on their war planes:

What was the highest homor of the Nazis? that would be the Iron Cross they pinned on their soldier's chests.

Religion has always been associated with the right wing. This is why the association with C Streeters, evangelicals and fundamentalists with the GOP is alarming. It is not a coincidence either that evangelical church leaders sanctioned the Iraq War while mainstream churches including the Catholic Church refused to declare the Iraq War 'a just war.'


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