Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Netcraft rank and origin of the blog name

Rightardia took another jump and is now ranked 7893 in the world.

Our readers have asked about the origin of the name that is kind of an 'in joke' in progressive circles.

Rightardia is the alternate universe where the right wing functions. It is a world where there are no taxes, everyone carries a gun and vigilantes make up the 'police force.'Churches provide charity to the poor and unemployed. The government is run by white oligarchs who prefer war to peace.

To be a citizen you have to serve in the armed forces for at least two years. You must own property to vote. Right to work laws aren't necessary because unions are illegal. All medical services are fee based so employers don't provide health insurance. There is no Social Security. You parents will have to live with their children when they get older or go homeless.

Women have been subordinated to men so they don't complain that they make half of what men make. The glass ceiling is now made of reinforced concrete. Homosexuality and inter-racial marriage are illegal in Rightardia.

The citizens of Rightardia are called 'rightards' because they are retarded right wingers. Welcome to the brave new world of the Republican Party.

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Netcraft rank: 7983

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