Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michele Bachmann: Dollar to be replaced by international currency

The right wing started the Amero rumour about a currency that the US, Canada and Mexico would use. Now this.

Amero bank note

Amero coins

The reality is there has been talk in international circles about unlinking national currencies from the dollar to a more stable currency that is likely to be the Euro.

This change was spurred by the Wall Street meltdown and it has little to do with the Democratic Administration of Obama.

See the Rightardia article on the 'new international currency:' the Unero at

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Anonymous said...

Bachmann is a tragic disgrace to Congress and my district specifically... her Democratic opponent is a wonderful candidate with a wide breadth of knowledge, Dr. Maureen Reed:
Today is the last day to make a donation and have it count toward the 3rd fiscal quarter!