Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joy Behar and Ann Coulter Spar Over Sarah Palin

First Posted: 09-30-09 06:31 PM | Updated: 09-30-09 07:25 PM

Conservative Ann Coulter was a guest on Joy Behar's new CNN Headline News show and the two sparred over a subject about which they both feel passionate: Sarah Palin. The subject of Palin came up during a discussion about the hysteria over so-called death panels, which Coulter acknowledges began from "one little Twitter from Sarah Palin" concluding that this makes Palin "a powerful woman."

Behar agreed with Coulter on this, but not for the same reasons. Behar suggested Palin does not speak coherently. Coulter thinks Palin draws large crowds in part because of her coherence.

Rightardia thinks the MILF factor has a great deal to do with Palin's appeal. 

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