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What is Gerin Oil?

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Gerin oil or geriniol is a drug used to induce religious fervor. Richard Dawkins thinks the word is an anagram of "religion". It is believed that Gerin Oil was originally refined by Benedictine Monks in the 1700s to improve religious fervor among the brotherhood.

Evangelicals stole the process for making Gerin oil from a Vatican library and are manufacturing it in a secret compound in Freehold, IA. Some Catholic priests have said the formula for Gerin oil was the the real DaVinci code secret.

The first article about  Gerin Oil, was published in an American secular humanism publication, Free Inquiry, in December 2003. It was popularised in an article titled Opiate of the Masses.
 Richard Dawkiins exposed the dangers of Gerin oil
Dawkins believes that Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and other neocons experiment with this drug.

It is a dangerous legal drug "Gerin Oil" or "Geriniol that is far worse than marijuana." Dawkins blames its effects as being responsible for historic acts of violence such as the September 11th attacks, massacres of native South Americans by conquistadors, and the Salem Witch Trials.

According to Dawkins, users are often introduced to the drug at social gatherings such as weddings and funerals. In small amounts it is considered harmless, although its usage may increase over time.

Medium usage of "Gerin Oil" is said to cause a disconnect with reality where users expect private wishes expressed to come true, often accompanied by spasmodic muscular movement or contraction. In large doses it is said to cause aural or visual hallucinations.

He also links its use to child mutilation, sexual prohibition, and the tendency to smile when convicted of mass murder.

Christopher Hitchens included Dawkins' essay in his compilation The Portable Atheist.

This could be satire. 

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