Monday, August 31, 2009

Rep. Pete Olson Booed For Suggesting Baby Would Die Under Public Option

Rightardia comment: How can a congressmen express such an unfounded and scurrilous opinion in public. Thousands of people have been denied care under private health care and died. Olson should be ashamed of himself for being such of a shill for private health care. He could have used the story to explain how the private health care system did something right.

At a recent town hall meeting, Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas) was booed for suggesting a baby would have not been born if we had a government-run health care option.

Olson told the story of Britney, a pregnant woman who couldn't find a doctor who would treat her unborn child's heart defect. After being turned away by several, she hunted down a specialist in Detroit who was willing to perform the procedure.

Britney is convinced that her son would not have been born if there was a public option then, and she wouldn't have had the choices to find the doctor that she wants.

Over applause, a number of audience members audibly groan. "Oh Jesus Christ, that's terrible," says one attendee. "That's not true," says another.
"For those of you who say it's not true, don't talk to me, talk to Britney," Olson responded.

"The insurance company turned her down, not the government," an audience member says. "The private insurance turned her down, not the government."

Others shout back that if there was government-run insurance, she would have been turned away. As the meeting devolves into shouting back-and-forth, Olson just says, "I want to thank you all for coming."


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