Sunday, August 30, 2009

Only four per cent Of Israelis Say Obama Is "Pro-Israel"

First Posted: 08-29-09 06:32 PM | Updated: 08-29-09 09:10 PM
Sahil Kapur | HuffPost Reporting

Rightardia comment: The US has treated Israel like an overindulged spoiled child for far too long. The neocons and the Israel Firsters helped the Bush administration lead America into the disastrous Iraq War with phoney WMDs and yellow cake uranium.

We need America Firsters running the United States, not Christo-fascists who think they can transform the Middle East and also believe they are above the law. The Israeli tail has been wagging the American dog for far too long.

Only four percent of Israelis believe President Barack Obama's Mideast policies are "pro-Israel," according to a Smith Research poll. The number dropped two percentage points form 6 percent two months ago.

Thirty-five percent believe Obama's policies are balanced, while 51 percent say they are more pro-Palestine, according to the study.

The figures come in the midst of Obama's attempt to broker peace between Israel and Palestine as well as his efforts to repair the fissure between Islam and the West by reaching out to Arab and Middle Eastern countries.

Two months ago, 88 percent of Israelis said the policies of President George Bush, Obama's predecessor, were "pro-Israel."

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