Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama's Death Squads Target the Nightmares of America's Children


Obama's Death Squads Target the Nightmares of America's Children!

Freehold, Iowa - World renowned Pastor and child Counselor, Deacon Fred received a troubling letter from a concerned home schooler that disturbed him so greatly, he ordered it to be posted onto the World Wide Web so that every American can see it.

A Christian Child's Depiction of The Future! This is a Christian Child's Nightmare About Obama's Death Squads

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This innocent drawing from a concerned Christian child, is a tell-tale sign that things are NOT well in the Land of the Free! Politics are one thing! But when you start putting strange ideas into the precious minds of American children, well - that's a whole different kettle altogether, Mr. President!

- Pastor Deacon Fred

This could be satire. 

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