Monday, August 31, 2009

New GE Hydrowave Wash System is worth considering

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky GE Introduced The HydroWave™ Wash System in 2008. GE is making waves in the laundry industry with the advanced HydroWave™ wash system, now also available for consumers who prefer the convenience of a top load washer.  These washers are very quiet because they do not have a transmission.

Available in both GE® and GE Profile™ top load washers, the revolutionary wash system cleans clothes with a gentle wave–like action. Unlike traditional agitators, the HydroWave system gently rotates forward and backward in a 360° arch, rather than the standard 160° arcs that churn clothing through water.

Clothes are gently drawn through the water so that even the most delicate fabrics are protected. Additionally, GE's new drive system has eliminated the need for noisier transmissions, gears and brakes that are behind the operation of traditional washers. This means, the new HydroWave is much quieter than previous models.

The GE Profile models feature a king–size, 3.5–cu.–ft. ribbed, stainless steel wash basket that is incredibly spacious, reducing the number of loads needed on laundry day to help consumers spend less time doing laundry.

GE models offer a large 3.2–cu.–ft., ribbed ExtrAction™ wash basket which is plastic. The increased surface area that gently squeezes more water from clothes during the spin cycle. The result is a shorter drying time.

Both washers have their ultimate match in the GE Profile and GE dryers, which offer 7.0–cu.–ft. capacity to dry larger items and family–sized loads without snags. Special attention was paid to the appearance of both the washer and dryer in each laundry pair.

Washers with the HydroWave system are designed to provide years of durable operation, with a variable–speed motor that's engineered with far fewer parts than conventional top load washers: fewer parts means fewer things that can go wrong.

The auto balance suspension system features a floating rod and spring to keep loads properly balanced. The GE Profile washer (WPRE8100G) and dryer (DSPE810EG/GG) are available now with an estimated price of $599 to $629 on the washer and $499 to $519 on the dryer. The GE washer (WWSE5240G) and dryer (DWSR463EG/GG) are currently available with an estimated price of $399 to $419 on the washer and $379 to $399 on the dryer.

Middle Class Warrior bought one of these from a well known discount store. He bought the 3.2 cubic inch model with the smaller plastic tub for $359. He didn't miss the larger tub in the older washer at all. The washer was incredibly quiet and dish cloths he uses in lieu of paper towels came out a lot whiter. The machine is also attractive.

He also washed a pair of expensive tennis shoes. In the past when the spin cycle finished in the older Whirlpool washer, the several ounces of water would still pour out of the shoes. 

The tennis shoes were damp to touch and didn't drip water at all when the Hydrowave washer wash cycle had completed.

If you are on a budget, the 3.2–cu.–ft washer is a good buy. When the Hydrowaves were first introduced, many had to be retuned because they didn't work at all. A leading consumer magazine gave the GE Washers high marks. The model GE WJRE5500G[WW] was rated a Best Buy.  The Whirlpools didn't fare so well. 

This review was not solicited by GE or any corporations that sell GE products. 

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Michael said...

For all your enlightenment it is surprising that you would purchase a GE product when they are one of the most irresponsible corporate citizens in this country. In terms of tax evasion, war profiteering, and foisting junk designs on an unsuspecting public, they are the worst. The Hydrowave system was a ill-conceived attempt to "green" their standard top loader - it is junk engineering and has been discontinued.

Rightardia said...

Michael, we bought this product more than one year ago. Check the date on the article.

So far it has held up well, but the word on the street is that GE appliances are now made in Korea.

We were aware that Microsoft and Cisco were big corporate tax evaders, but the story on GE only broke a couple of weeks ago and we were one of the first to discuss GE. See

We have never claimed to a voice of enlightenment or that we are perfect. Thank you for your comment.