Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ex-KGB Chief on Sexpionage

by The Major

The Russians wanted to get rid of an Army major who spoke Russian so fluently that locals could not tell he was not a native speaker. An attractive hotel maid who worked for the KGB got him into the sack in a room that was being monitored. The Russians immediately tried to blackmail him. He turned himself in and was removed from the old Soviet Union. The major was married, but I never heard how the event affected his marriage.

British Diplomat James Hudson, 37, resigned from his posting to the Urals over a sex video, which is thought to have been secretly shot by Russian spies. Footage posted on Russia Today showed Mr Hudson kissing the two semi-naked girls in a brothel.

The film, which could have left him open to blackmail, is believed to have been shot in a brothel in the city of Ekaterinberg, where Mr Hudson was Deputy Consul General. Today the KGB is called the FSB.

The four-minute, 18-second video was posted on Russia Today. Rightardia reported on this story and posted the video.

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