Friday, July 31, 2009

Another heart warming American health care story

This story happened close to home. My wife has a close friend who works for a medical doctor in a small practice. The doctor is very right wing 'in the box' type who has an attitude toward minorities. He also lacks patience with children and special needs kids.

The doctor offered health care to his associates who asked for it. My wife's friend who in nearly 60 was paying more than $500 per month for what was probably 'individual health insurance.'

My wife's friend broke a leg at work and called the insurance company for assistance. They advised her she had a $10,000 co-pay that would have to be met before the insurance would kick in. Also, her 'insurance' did not cover visits to specialists.

Essentially she has paid this insurance company $4000 in premiums already for the year and would have to rack up another $10,000 in medical expenses before the policy would pay any benefits.

The doctor had changed the policy without advising her. What she now has what appears to be a catastrophic coverage medical policy. I advised my wife to tell her friend to apply for Workman's Compensation because she was injured on the job. If she doesn't do this, she is out of luck.

The poor woman's private insurance is worthless.This is a common problem is small businesses.

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