Monday, June 17, 2013

The Libertarian Scam

Rightardia has been following the libertarian movement since the 1960s. Rightardia has read both Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead. We consider both to be more like romance novels than political novels.

The author, Ayn Rand, was Russian Jewish immigrant who had experienced Stalinism first hand. Her novels were anti -Stalinist and anti-collectivist. Her novel empathized the importance of the individual. The Fountainhead's protagonist, Howard Roark, is an individualistic young architect who chooses to struggle in obscurity rather than compromise his artistic and personal vision.

Neither novel caught on in the academic circles across America. The were other people who also atered to the the GOP out crowd during the Depression and World War 2. Another was Abraham Vereide, a Scandinavian minister, who came to he Us to fight godless communism. He was the founder of the National Prayer Breakfast

Rand's book were the impetus for a Libertarian Party, This is what the Libertarian Party advocated in 1980.

One of the Koch  brothers was running for VP of the Libertarian Party at that time which might provide a clue who is really behind this movement.

Both liberal and libertarian have the prefix "liber" in them, but liberalism and libertarinism have little in common in the modern world. Steve Kangas said when the nation was founded, both liberals and libertraisn were the same. Of course , you could accuse Kangas of being present minded, the Libertarian movement didn't start until after World War 2.

The Libertarian Scam

The libertarian scam works this way. Many liberals are really libertarians. Go take this test on the Political Compass and you will see.

The Political Compass test is horribly flowed.
The Political Compass test is flawed

First of all the opposite of authoritarian is not libertarian, it is egalitarian or democratic. The concept of a libertarian left and a right is also suspect.  Almost all liberals who take the test will fall into the lower left hand quarter. The test really makes no distinction in this test between liberals and libertarians.

As far as Rightardia can tell, the majority of libertarians are fascists and fall on the extreme right of the political spectrum. Most have the same sentiments as Tea Partiers, ditto heads and militia.

The distinction`libertarians have with other conservatives is that most are not pro-defense and are against Us military adventures abroad. This was very apparent during the GOP primary season when hawkish establishment Republicans went after Ron Paul.

Libertarians want liberals to think the two movements are similar, but they really have little in common. The libertarian movement does not appear to be growing in conservative circles. Perhaps, it is hoping to attract liberals into the movement with the premise that liberals and libertarians have much in common.

Liberals have also asked if libertarianism is such a fabulous political philosophy, why are there no modern libertarian nations?

One bloke form the UK suggested that the US was libertarian nation in the early 20th century prior to the depression. That was the era of the the big trusts, union activism, child labor and the muckrakers. Theodore Roosevelt broke up the large trusts, and union activism helped build a middle calls in the US.

The era prior to the Great Depression was a tough item for Americans. The Roaring 20's could also be described as more libertine than libertarian. It was also an ear in which three consecutive GOP presidents led the US into the Great Depression.

Rightrdia's view is that this libertarian movement is withering. Men like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan claim to be libertarians, but few Republicans accept either as true libertarians.

Rightardia was on a libertarian FB page and asked who the libertarians if there was real libertarian who had been elected to public office.

Their answer was Sen. Bernie Saunders, a socialist , who caucuses with Democrats.


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technicalVAPER said...

Lol, dude, you really should proof read your article before posting it. You guys should've called this site LIBTARDIA!! LOL!!! Anyway, your comments reflect that of your aptitude and you should concider thinking a little more about your words and your opinion of what libertarianism is. This article is a classic example of why modern liberalism is nothing more than a scam on the American people.

I would agree that some government is needed and some entitlements are needed and even some small amounts of corporate and industrial regulation is needed but the extent to which our current government has overeached is purely despicable. Let's use common sence k. We need a centralized government for infrastructure, millitary, and social benifits. Social benifits should only be given to those who truly need it and not a person more. True investigations and strict guidelines should be met for benifits including but not limited to urine analysis concidering the fact that my tax dollars fund this, that person better be in a place that is without option. Why should we not require this? Why should there not be terms set, limitations? This forces people to get busy. I was in the same catagory as most of the poorest people in this country and I'm still not extremely far from it now especially with the way my taxes are going. I make less than 60,000 a year and yes, my taxes have gone up. As well as the cost to live. Insurance is about to go thru the roof and you think seriously that your concept of what works is the right plan. An example of a successful, free market based country my friend is a small European country called Estonia. Libertarianism is strong there but they still have very successful social programs unlike our liberal motivated failures. That small country has grown faster than any other after its reorganization from the socialistic USSR.

Unknown said...

Libertarian thought will never catch on in the US. it is Utopian baloney and has the same objective of second stage communism: no government. I read both of Ayn Rand's books in the 1960s and have been following libertarianism since the 1960s. Free market economy will only work with government oversight. What we have in the US is crony capitalism. Many Republicans want corporatism. a form of fascism.