Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rightardia editorial: How conservatives can communicate on FB with liberals.

Rightardia boots trolls, lurkers and posers off of this FB page several times a week.

Many  of the conservatives want a debate with the hope they an proselytize someone to their way of thinking. Unfortunately for them, Rightardia is not a debate site in the traditional sense.

We do allow debates within the big Democratic tent. We don't allow partisan debates between liberals and conservatives. We don't visit conservative sitea to proselytize. so we don't allow conservatives to do this on the Rightardia FB page either.

The owner of the page has been a conservative and he has heard these tired old right wing arguments for years. He simply does not believe current  conservatism is a valid political philosophy that has a rationale economic basis. This country simply does not need more deregulation, privatization or militarization.

If you are a troll, poser or lurker, suggest you follow some of the recommendations if you want to stay on this site.

1. First and foremost, Don't defend GW Bush. He was a bad president. Michel Smerconish once called him the second worst president in US history. Wikipedia has rated him in the bottom 25 per cent of presidents and in a George Mason study of US historians, 60 per cents said the Bush presidency was a failure. Conservatives will find few friends on on this page with contrarian opinion about Bush. Liberals and progressives despise GW Bush.

2. Don't try to use conservative media to bolster your case. Most of the people here consider Fox News to be a propaganda organ or the RNC and Wall street. Ditto for the hate radio jocks such as Rush Limbaugh or Micheal Savage. Media Matters tracks the mutterings of these people. Their opinions have no credibility in this page.

3. Don't try to pass yourself as an expert with facts and then offer only opinion. Liberals and progressives get much of their data from international media, Wikipedia, Snopes, FactCheck and Politifact.  If you want to express a contrary opinion, use a reputable source not Conservapedia or Fox News.

$. Avoid religious based arguments.We have a large non-believer and non-affiliated participation on this page, Expect to be attacked if you use Biblical based arguments which Rightrdia considers to irrelevant to modern American life.

6. Avoid ad hominem attacks. References to the the president as Obummer or Hiilary as Hitlelry will get you immediately blocked.

7. Understand the political spectrum. Most of the friends and followers here understand the difference between a socialist and fascist. Don't try to blur the distinction.

Rightardia is very aware that most conservatives cannot grasp liberal thought and few really have any interest in our view point. We also know there are far more Democrats than conservatives. To win an election, we do not need to proselytize Republicans. Having worked in OFA in both the 2008 and 2012 election,  Democrats were instructed not to call Republicans.

Think about this for a minute. We don't need Republican votes to win elections, but you need Democratic. That's why your politicians are always looking for those Reagan Democrats every election!
Politburo of Teabilly Mockery

You won't find many on this site. If you want a debate site, try

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