Thursday, March 23, 2017

How Ivanka recovered her retail enterprise

As you know, some major retail chains discontinued Ivanka's line of clothing, garments and shoes. But Ivanka recovered by moving her merchandise online.

However, her big item  which is  selling like hotcakes is her famous No 45 butt plugs. If you are a Russophile, you can also purchase Vladimir Putin butt plugs, too. 

These realistic butt plugs are "Hecho in Mexico. Mexico , of course, is one of Donald Trumps' favorite trading partners. 

These sets are sire to become valuable collector's items

Each set costs $30 US. If you wish to celebrate the forthcoming Cinco de Mayo with your ICE friend agents, you can also dress up the butt plugs with tiny sombreros for a additional $5.99 US.

For every set you order, Ivanka will donate $1 US to the No. 45 Mexican Wall project.

Why Not more?

Well Ivanka, is a Trump, isn't she?

Don't delay before Number 45 puts an excise tax on these plugs!

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