Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jessica Ehrlich to Hold Town Hall on Strengthening the Middle Class and Local Economy

St. Petersburg, FL –Jessica Ehrlich is holding a Town Hall meeting with the SEIU and middle class, working families. Discussion will focus on how to attract good jobs and grow our economy here in Pinellas County.

Jessica Ehrlich emphasized:

Strengthening the middle class is vital to our community,We need leaders who will engage in conversation with those working every day to support their families. Bill Young has repeatedly voter to slash medicare, give tax breaks to billionaires and companies that ship jobs overseas, and further shrink the struggling middle class. Young thinks we can’t afford to invest in the future, I think we can’t afford not too.

Contact Kiel Brunner at 727.342.0655 for more information. The event is open to the press.

Event Details
 WHO: Jessica Ehrlich (FL13) and the SEIU
WHAT: Town Hall Meeting
WHEN: 6:00 PM – Wednesday, August 1st 
WHERE: 449 Central Avenue, Suite 104
St. Petersburg, FL. 33701-3876
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