Friday, June 29, 2012

Republican spin machine winds up

David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to the President

Republicans are all over the news today suggesting the Americans will lose choice on their health care. Much of Affordable Health Care Act is already in effect and Rightardia is not aware of many people, if any, who have had to change insurance providers or doctors.

Many Americans are afraid of the mandate which will only effect people who can afford healthcare but do not have it. There are also hardship exemptions for the poor.

So this fine or tax is selective.  It will not effect most Americans.

David Axelrod was on the Morning Joe and explained the Affordable Health Care Act eliminates pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps. Children are now covered on their parent's policies until age 26.

Many people now have health insurance who did not have it before.

He also said the government will control costs by requiring insurance companies to provide preventive care and also demanding that insurance companies must have medical loss ratios of 80 per cent and rebate premiums to policy holders that don't meet that standard.

The era of insurance company windfall profits is over. 


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