Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Donald Trump,the clown prince of NYC

The Donald jumped the shark when he became a Birther. He lost a lot of credibility with moderate and progressive Americans.

The conservative shtick is that democrats are anti-business, but liberal thought is originally based upon free enterprise and the rejection of monarchs.

The Democrats need to make it clear that they are not anti-business. Of course, the conservative idea is the primacy of business in our democracy has no constitutional basis.

Conservative also suggest that only  successful business people should be in government, However, some of out most successive presidents such as Bill Clinton were primarily politicians.

It is not clear what skills that business persons would bring to the table that would make them more effective leaders. 

Many corporate CEO's have authoritarian personalities. Mitt Romney is hardly an exception to this observation. 

Certainly, the economic performance of Republican presidents has not been that impressive. In most case Democratic presidents out performed their GOP peers with lower increases in the national debt and a more balanced budget.

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