Sunday, October 26, 2014

Conservatives take away options from women, minoroties and the LGBT community

Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of Moral development has been used to explain the difference between liberals and conservatives on several occasions in this blog.

In Charles  Hampden-Turner's early work, Radical Man,  he equated conventional thinking to conservatism and post-conventional thought to liberalism.

In the graphic, the top two layers of the pyramid are the post conventional levels

The next two levels are conventional. This graphic that follows explains this in more detail.

Conventionals also have two levels and the two levels explain why there is infighting among conservatives. The lower functioning Stage 3 conservatives, which are usually associated with groups, have the social relationship perspective of that peer-group. Most Christian conservatives, Rush Limbaugh ditto-heads, Tea Party and libertarians are Stage 3 conservatives.

The Establishment Conservatives are the big picture Stage 4s who are more focused on law and order and defending the nation-state's values.

Stage 3s and 4s are at odds with each other over the size of government and defence spending. For example, most libertarians are anarchist or minarchist and want the smallest possible government. These groups are also sceptical about defence spending and US military adventurism.

Likewise, the militia are anti-government people who think their function is protect other conservatives from the government.

The Stage 4s want to control the government. For example, GW Bush actually increased the size of government by creating the Department of Homeland Security and by increasing defence spending by 47 per cent. This is why Rush Limbaugh is suspicious of Establishment Republicans.

The Stage 5 post-conventionals view government as a social contract that can be changed.

The founders gave us a legislature to draft new laws that meet the circumstances of the day. This is also why we have democratic traditions in the US that allow people to elect new legislators.

A good way to contrast State 4 and Stage 5 was an article in which the conservative author stated the Second Amendment was in concrete.

The Bill of Rights was an afterthought and it was not in the original US Constitution. The Bill of Rights is actually the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

Besides that the second amendment being poorly written and ambiguous, the Constitution has a rigorous  amendment process that would allow this amendment to be rescinded. The Establishment Clause or the first amendment could also be rescinded. Nothing in the US legal system is really in concrete.

Of course, many conservatives will argue otherwise and erect granite monuments of the 10 Commandments in front of court houses. Even monuments can be broken into pieces or removed. A man recently rammed a controversial 10 Commandments monument in Oklahoma with an automobile. The Devil made him do it.

Conservatives want to limit options for women, minorities and the LGBT people.
If a women marries an conservative, the husband may try to subordinate her to himself as the biblical head of household. A conservative  state government may deny the women the right to an abortion and birth control. If a man is a gay, the state may deny him the right to marry another man.

Minorities may have their right to vote suppressed by cutting back voting periods, locking bathrooms near polls, deleting voting locations in precincts and by sequestering minority voters into certain districts using gerrymanders. US Congressional Districts 13 and 15 are examples of this.
In Florida, if you commit a felony, you lose your right to vote permanently. "In 2007 Florida moved to restore voting rights to convicted felons. In March 2011, however, Republican Governor Rick Scott reversed the 2007 reforms, making Florida the state with the most punitive law in terms of disenfranchising citizens with past felony convictions."


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