Monday, February 25, 2013

US hegemony and the multinationals

The Us has milatray bases all over the world for "our defense. Russia wants more trade with us and China is also our biggest trading partner. So who is the threat?

In the past, the threat was to US corporations if a socialist government was elected as In Chile  the assumption of US Republican administrations was that nationalization would follow and US corporations would lose their assets in the country because of the new government.

It's really not that simple.  When a government nationalizes assets as Hugo Chavez did to the petroleum industry in Venezuela, the government does have to reimburse the corporations for he assets that were nationalized.

Often, a nationalized corporation will continue to do business in the country, but profits will be reduced.

Republican administrations like the Reagan one have preferred to subvert socialist governments. In the case of Chile  Salvador Allende was killed and replaced by a fascist dictator, Augusto Pinochet, a former military general.

However, many former American corporations are now longer US corporations  Many have relocated their corporate headquarters abroad  Other US companies have been bough by foreign owners. Budweiser and Lucent Technologies are examples. So in the world we now have these multinational corporations who now longer pay taxes in the US. Many have their corporate headquarters in Ireland and the Netherlands to take advantage of a low corporate income tax rate.

Why should the US military defend multinational corporations who don't even pay taxes in the US?  

If a denominational needs help to protect international assets, let them go the to the Irish, Dutch or whatever other country the multinational has Incorporated in. If the corporation is not paying taxes to the US, our country has not obligation to protect them.

President Obama needs to take a hard look at out military bases and the threat to the US today. Does he  understand the rationale for having a military base in place like Peru.

More bases in Europe should also be closed. The Cold war has been over since the early 1980's. The Europeans do not perceive a threat from Russia today.

The US should help US corporations who have faculties in foreign countries, but the the use of military force and CIA coups has not had any long term benefits. It creates international ill will toward the US, something the US has not shortage of until Obama was elected.

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