Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Republicans Confront the Reality That America Just Isn't That Into Them

Having worked with OFA in both 2008 and 202, the Votebuilder technology was great but the legion of activist Democrats behind it is what made it work. The Democrats had more feet on the street and we had not interest in conceding the election to  a one per center like Mitt Romney.

Our bloggers and FB networking efforts were probably more effective than the GOP effort. I made an extensive effort to keep conservatives off my FB page because FB allows you to black other FB users.

After years of battling conservatives on Usenet, I knew the conservatives would disrupt my FB page if I would let them on it. . So I now have more than 100 peole blocked and my FB page consists mostly of constructive posts by liberal and progressives. I have several international posters, too.

The Rightardia blog and FB pages have  never been designed  to converting conservatives into liberals and progressives. There are more Democrats than Republicans. Why waste time with conservatives?

We just need to get our base out to vote and attract some independent and moderate voters. We don't need Republicans to win, particularly the establishment types, ditto heads or Tea Baggers.

We  organised and mobilized to win the last election. We don't need to convert Republican votes to Democrat.  But the GOP does need to convert some Democritus to win.

Mos Democrats are well-aware of the great conservative social contract that started with Ronald Reagan and ended with the Great Recession during the GW Bush administration. Supply side economics an deregulation didn't work.

Yes, Americans just aren't into Republicans anymore. The country tried the conservative way and it didn't work. In fact, most conservative ideas sucked badly!

Republicans Confront the Reality That America Just Isn't That Into Them:

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