Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mitt Romney: The WIMP Factor

"Dodging reports, fearing his base, hiding his taxes—is Mitt Romney just too insecure to be president? In Newsweek, Michael Tomasky surveys a history of presidential manliness and asks just where Mitt would fit amid the studly swagger of Dubya and Reagan."

Rightardia has published an article on how Mitt joined the Mormon Foreign legion during Vietnam. While "real Americans" were fighting in Vietnam, Mittens rode a sissy bicycle in France and lived in a mansion attended y a chef and a housekeeper.

Mitts' rise in the corporate world was due to his sales ability. many salesman have 'adaptive personalities' that allow them to read their audiences and make quick changes if their pitch is flopping. 

People like this are often called sycophants: self-seeking, servile flatterers and fawning parasites.

The worst type is the kiss up, kick down type. They are terrible people to work for because their  immediate bosses often love the flattery of the sycophant and ignore the mistreatment of the sycophant's employees.

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