Friday, February 18, 2011

Fascism in the Wisconsin capital

After he became Chancellor in January 1933, Hitler transformed his democratic position into dictatorship.

Calling an election - and taking advantage of the fire in the German paliament, he passed the Enabling Act.

Then, using the power this gave him to make his own laws, he set up the Gestapo, banned Trade Unions and opposition parties and (on the Night of the Long Knives, July 1934) removed even the the SA opposition within the Nazi Party.

Hitler banned trade Unions banned on May 2,1933.

The Trade Unions offices were closed, their money confiscated, and their leaders put in prison. In their place, Hitler created  the German Labour Front which reduced workers' pay and took away the right to strike.
Sound familiar. Look at what is going on in Wisconsin with Gov. Scott Walker. 


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