Friday, January 29, 2010

Glen Beck: Obama is a socialist

The right wing just can't make up its mind. Lately, most of the righties have been calling Obama a fascist.

Now they are calling him a socialist. Is Obama on the left or the right? Part of the problem is that many conservatives have a murky understanding of politics and confuse fascism with socialism.

In fact, fascism and socialism aren't even in the same category. Fascism is a political philosophy that is based on capitalist or syndicalist economics.

Communism is the opposite political philosophy that prefers socialist economics. Fascism represents the extreme right wing view while communism represents the extreme left. Neither extreme political philosophy has worked well.

The fascist powers, Germany and Italy, were defeated in World War 2. The first communist government, the USSR, collapsed under its own weight.

Most governments today use a mix of socialist and capitalist economics. This includes both the US and Red China. There is no country that is completely capitalist or socialist.

Glen Beck blurs the lines between the left and right. Beck suggests progressives are prone to violence although most political violence in this country has been on the right. It is not the progressives who are have an obsession with guns and ammo.

Beck says progressives resort to name-calling, shouting, and accusations of racism. Rightardia says turnabout is fair play. The left has been turning the other cheek for far too long.

Beck claims "progressive historians" are "on a mission to make sure Nazis are right. . ." and that they defend Stalin and Mao.

Well, no progressive that Rightardia knows has much use for any of these people. Progressives are repelled by fascists and Nazis who have held racist and ultra-nationalist views.

Although Stalin killed millions of his own people, he also defeated the Nazis and brought the Russians into the 20th Century.

Mao is considered the Father of Modern China. Progressives would suggest that the Russians and Chinese would be the best judges of their old leaders.

Beck is "declaring war" on the "very bad" progressive movement. How is the progressive movement bad? It helped elect Obama and ended dysfunctional Republican rule.

Beck plans to continue "to correct the history that progressives have tried to erase." Good luck, Mr. Beck. Rightardia has people who have read the history books and in most cases history has not been particularly kind to Republicans.

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