Friday, October 30, 2009

The Kirk Cameron Action Kit

Kirk Cameron and his pastor decided to debate the atheist Rational Response Squad on the existence of God on NightLine. If you want to see what happens when educated secular humanists debate preachers and religious zealots, check out this Rightardia article:

It isn't pretty.

In November 2009 Kirk Cameron will be distributing altered copies of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species" with his own preface that tries to make Darwin look like an evil crazy old man who helped the Nazis take over Poland, and may have loved monkeys in a strange, special way.

Okay, we actually don't know what is in his preface, but either way, we thought we would help Kirk Cameron and his important quest. We've made the "Kirk Cameron Action Kit". Inside you will find everything you need to fight those evil Darwinists!! Just watch as Kirk Cameron's colleague Dick Tooley, leads you through the many benefits of the Kirk Cameron action kit! WOW!

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