Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Commentary Magazine: W’s Self-Imposed GOP Exile

"In an interview on National Review Online’s “Uncommon Knowledge” program, Bush said: “I crawled out of the swamp, and I’m not crawling back in.” While his decision to remain aloof from partisanship is praiseworthy in that it shows his respect for the office he held and a belief that interference from past presidents is usually unhelpful, I think Bush’s self-imposed exile isn’t healthy for American political culture."

Rightardia doesn't think GW bush was the victim of a 'perfect storm." His first term went well because he inherited the good policies of Bill Clinton which he undid in the next four years. 

Bush started two unnecessary wars, reduced the reserves of the investment banks and pushed Ownership Society policies that unraveled US real estate.

He was a bad`president. He was a man who was not presidential material. 

We suspect he received an insincere invitation to the Tampa convention in which he was told by Rince Priebus you will be invited, but please don't come.

GW Bush endorsed Mitt Romney is a chance encounter with media in a DC elevator.Within a week he had a top secret call with Mitr Romeny that probably went something like this. 

Mittens: I heard you endorsed me. I thought we talked about that before,

GW: Sure, but what could I do. Did you want me to endorse Obama.

Mittens: No, just don't endorse anyone. A lot of American haven't forgotten about you, and the RNC wants to blame the mess you created on Obama.

Mittens: Just enjoy you retirement and keep in the background. This will be all over soon and our two families can get together.

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