Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tampa Bay Times is anti-blog

A blogger unfriendly newspaper

The ST. Petersburg times has been a progressive voice in the wilderness in central Florida. Today it is called the Tampa Bay Times.

When Rightardia started this blog, we could load HTML code from St, Petersbug Times articles that displayed an article verbatim and also allowed the St. Pete Times to run ads within the article.

It was tricky to load one of the Times articles, but it was worth the effort. About two months ago, the Times discontinued the practice and went straight to standard blog hyperlinks that allow one of their articles with attribution to be posted on a variety of blogs.

Many media use this approach. If you click on the title to the article in Rightardia, it takes you to the original.

Tampa Times "sharing" options

However, the Tampa Times discontinued the crossposting to blogs. All the Times has now including its Buzz Politics section is a basic share button that allows a user to post to Twitter, Facebook and some rating services. Oddly, the Times' Poltifact, is not shareable at all: not even to Twittter of Facebook.

This makes the Tampa times of little use to bloggers. Fortunately, does allow it articles to be shared so that is what we are now using to check for local news.

Rightardia is disappointed in the Times. We are certainly no threat to this newspaper and would expect this sort of selfishness in a conservative paper , but not the Times!

However, the conservative Tampa Trib shares its news on

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