Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WMR exclusive: Secret Service presence at scene of Netanyahu gay sex scandal

April 17-18, 2012

U.S. Secret Service sources have told WMR that the Secret Service maintains records of its protection of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his attendance at a homosexual sexual bondage performance during a brief stop-over in New York in November 2010.

WMR first reported on the incident involving Netanyahu on December 2, 2010:

"A source within the U.S. Secret Service, on deep background and on the condition of anonymity, informed WMR that while on a 'business trip' to New York on November 8, 2010, Netanyahu visited a performing arts theater in West Greenwich Village.

U.S. Secret Service personnel were required to accompany Netanyahu to the theater. The performance involved extreme sado-masochistic, as well as homosexual themes, according to our source, who added, 'I almost threw up.'

Netanyahu was passing through New York on his way to New Orleans where he addressed the general assembly of the Jewish Federation of North America."

WMR has been told by Secret Service sources that the agency maintains detailed records of the presence of two security details consisting of five agents each at the theater.

Netanyahu stayed at the theater for a length of time that required the first Secret Service detail to be relieved by a second team.

Netanyahu reportedly witnessed gay actors engaged in sexual acts that featured full nudity.

At the last minute and prior to his scheduled departure from New York, Netanyahu and his Israeli security detail informed the Secret Service that their original plans to leave for New Orleans had changed to accommodate Netanyahu's request to visit the arts theater, described as "seedy," in the West Village.

In a further development related to WMR's April 16, 2012 report that the Secret Service advance team in Cartagena, Colombia was compromised by the local Mossad presence in the city that worked with a local Israeli/Colombian Jewish mafia prostitution ring.

WMR was told by Secret Service sources that the Secret Service team, accused of taking prostitutes to their rooms at the Hotel El Caribe prior to President Obama's attendance at the Summit of the Americas conference, had been "set up" by a hostile intelligence service.

However, Mossad was not mentioned specifically as the hostile intelligence service in question.

source: Wayne Madsen Report Exclusive

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Greg Bacon said...

From attending a gay sex fest in NYC, then on to New Orleans?

Bibi knows the hot spots when it coms to homosexual BDSM.